Carra Bolard, Director of Living Empowered Lifestyle Design (LELD) was kind enough to take a few moments and offer some insight, inspiration and encouragement based on her philosophy for living. And when an Exercise Scientist, Health Coach and Confidence Engineer offers advice, you know it’s going to be good! Here’s a few highlights of our chat with Carra…

What inspires you?

Woman who successfully manage a very full schedule with a smile on their face and maintain a positive attitude, vibrant health and aspirations to continually learn and grow!

How did your business idea come about?
I have been in the health industry for 16 years and continually worked with high end corporate  woman  who are struggling with their health and contentment with life.

There are a plethora of fitness and weight loss fads and quick fixes which are extremely overwhelming and confusing for woman. Because of these ‘imposters’ in the health industry, a lot of woman give up on their body and resort to ‘accepting’ aches, pains, fatigue and weight retention as be ing normal.

I knew that with my extensive expertise, experience and education, I could provide a platform which catered for the uniqueness of each woman and design a protocol which served the exact needs for her.

What are you currently doing to ensure your company will continue to grow?

I work with a social media expert and an internet marketer. I am also constantly exposing my brand to as many platforms as possible (such as Gold Coast Creative Spaces)

LELD now have a market stall at the Currumbin PBC farmers markets where I get to liaise and meet new people whom are invested in their health and happiness every Saturday.

I am debuting my speaking career early next year at an event for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

We will be planning on speaking at woman’s groups in and around the Gold Coast on topics such as :
– exhausted to energised
– unintentionally overweight
– quit surviving and start thriving
– burnout to brilliance
– exchange medication for meditation

What is your greatest business achievement so far?
Helping numerous woman take their body from being completely dilapidated and feeling exhausted, to a place where they are now full of vitality and their health is powering! Many of these ladies have also managed to get off conventional medication and using their lifestyle intervention as their treatment for mental illness, plus have lost dress sizes, rehabilitated injuries and now have copious amounts of energy (naturally).

What is your greatest personal achievement?
Successfully healed myself from hospitalisation with physical burnout in 2 weeks  with all natural interventions.

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone wanting to go into business for themselves?
Work smart not hard ! Do this through delegation and affiliation. Do what you are good at and the rest contract out!

In terms of business, what is your greatest fear?
Failure!! that people won’t trust in the process that I offer.. as it seems so simple ! however this is also what makes is realistic for people to do as it becomes accessible for people (busy woman in particular).

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
A high end naturapath or eastern doctor whom is also extremely passionate about stress resilience for woman.

Why should people support small and local businesses?
Because it helps support our local community and economy. If we look into our own backyard first, we may save time, money and stress from searching in other areas/ arenas.

I also like physically working with people in the flesh, its a more rewarding experience than online.

 Where do most of your business ideas come to you?
When i am working with my mentors, brain storming with my partner, or right after doing yoga.

What skills are essential to anyone wanting to start a new business?
Being open minded, motivation, drive, genuine enthusiasm, strength, health, duty of care for others, compassion, understanding, malleable.

Living Empowered Lifestyle Design is a one stop shop for all woman’s health and fitness needs. We understand that all woman have different needs, goals, abilities and time, so we customise each participants individualities for their own unique ‘lifestyle program’.

We offer yoga, yoga-cise (combines yoga and functional training), personal training, sports rehabilitation, massage, nutrition, retreats.

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